| PRISM II 2009


light sculpture

90 W x 65 H x 45 D (cm)

solar-powered LCD screens,

modular stainless steel structure

| PRISM I 2008


light sculpture

40 W x 40 H x 25 D (cm)

solar-powered LCD screens,

painted metal structure

| PRISM III 2011


exhibition view

@Gabrielle Ammann Gallery

| PRISM 2008 - 2014

PRISM explores the poetic potential of industrial objects such as LCD screens, one of the most ubiquitous pieces of kit in today’s techno-driven world.


Each element of the object is a small solar-powered LCD panel. In the presence of light, a brief electrical impulse is transmitted to the crystals, forcing them to twist and change their optical properties. Each section refracts light as it passes through, a responsive quality that offers viewers an ever-changing color spectrum.

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